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Gabi Bachvarova was born in Bulgaria however she has been living in Düsseldorf, Germany since 2014. She studied engineering and architecture and because she was artistic since her childhood, she decided to start a career as a make-up artist on TV.

Gabi is passionate about creation and she is an artist with a broad spectrum of interests. She adores art, geometric shapes, space, texture and extraordinary forms. Gabi started to create from polymer clay after visiting an exhibition where she was impressed by amazing sculptures. The polymer clay was the easiest and most accessible way to express all the shapes and forms that appeared in her head.

“My core idea was to transform sculptures into contemporary wearable art and to create small sculptures for the finest parts of the female body. I haven’t ever learned the techniques of working with polymer clay but I discover new depths and ways to create different sculptures every day. I can somehow express myself in every single piece at one single moment,” says Gabi about her polymer clay jewellery.

She doesn't use any tools like a machine or cutters, only her hands. “I connect with this material. I discover new opportunities and ways of work in this field of art every day,” says proudly Gabi. She combines basic white and black polymer clay with a copper wire, rose gold sheets and places it on a steel necklace in a rose-gold color. We have to admit that this combination of the soft, fine clay and the strong wire is beautiful and very feminine.

“I am still at the beginning of my polymer clay journey,” says Gabi in a humble way and continues: “I have many new ideas. I would like to make polymer clay clothes or some jewelry installations, for example.” We are definitely looking forward to seeing her polymer clay art developed even more in upcoming years.