Elena Chalykh lives in Russian Saint-Petersburg. Everything in this city inspires creativity - parks, theatres, museums, architecture, ancient palaces and buildings, painting and contemporary art. You can just walk the streets and admire the surrounding beauty to get the inspiration.

Elena is mainly interested in the creation of necklaces, bracelets and brooches. As she said, she has loved jewellery since her childhood and fell in love with polymer clay because she can freely create any jewellery in different techniques. Thanks to her origins she is easily inspired by the works of old Russian masters of coloured enamel which you can find in museums.

Her favourite polymer clay techniques are Caning, Mokume Gane and Mica Shift. For the finish she uses mostly sanding and polishing to reveal clay’s beauty, to enhance the mirror shine of the clay. Apart from mentioned three techniques Elena likes to combine polymer clay with other materials like natural stones, beads and rhinestones.

The best thing about the polymer clay is not only the creativity, but also the opportunity to meet and make friends with wonderful people from all over the world and Elena loves that as well.