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This time of the year our attention turned towards the French polymer clay community and an important event that took place few weeks ago in Verneuil. LezArt'giL is a non profit French association whose objective is to serve as a platform for meeting and exchange around common passions in order to promote and gain recognition for polymer clay as a material for artistic expression. The JAFA is a fashionable polymer symposium, annually organized by LezArt'giL.

Muriel Paris is an artist and teacher well known in the French polymer clay community and worldwide.

As a member of LezArt’giL, Muriel Paris went to the JAFA many times to learn new techniques and meet up with polymerist friends. This year, there is something super exciting and new Muriel would love to share with our readers: she was one of the teachers of the annual polymer event the JAFA 2022, besides Carol Blackburn and Pascale Roillet.

“I felt very touched, excited and sincerely honored to have been chosen to be one of the three teachers for the JAFA 2022,” she revealed for our readers. Muriel confided that it was such a great pleasure to be given the chance to make the participants discover her universe and the techniques for the realization of a bohemian necklace. "I was very happy to lead one of the workshops. I found several participants that I already knew and I have met some great people. My workshop was successful and all the participants worked diligently. All of them succeeded in creating beautiful creations. It was a great satisfaction for me!”

As a teacher, Muriel runs courses mainly in France. "Sharing my passion is something very important for me,” she affirms. We wanted to know what her advice was for people who want to start working with polymer clay. “Polymer is really a fantastic medium that allows us to exploit a lot of techniques and free our creativity. It has the advantage of allowing you to quickly create beautiful creations with simple techniques. It will allow you to have fun even as a beginner. So if you like to create, this is for you.”