Angela Kostina is a mixed media artist from Russia who creates cute and fluffy fantasy creatures under her brand AlvamadeToys.

Angela discovered polymer clay a few years ago and realised the possibilities it can give her. She doesn't need to buy claws, toy noses or full-fledged faces, muzzles, paws and other details anymore. She can make all by herself now! “What impressed me most about this material was the possibility of creating details that can be painted, tinted and combined with different materials. I like the ease of use and durability of the products. This allows unlimited creativity,“ says Angela.

She mostly mixes white clay with a little bit of pigment and only occasionally uses colored polymer clay. Then she paints the surface with the acrylics.

To make these little creatures is Angela’s full time job and also the biggest passion and favorite pastime. “It is very important for me to show my creativity to people and bring them joy, to make their dreams of unusual creatures come true,” shares Angela her thoughts about her work.

When it comes to inspiration she likes to watch nature, shapes, textures or photos of birds, noticing the color of their feathers and incorporating all this into the look of her creatures. “Our entire planet is a whole treasure. Life inspires creativity and creativity fills my life,” says Angela and all we can do is to agree with her and wish her lots of luck in her future creation.