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Falling in love happened to Russian polymer clay artist Tatiana Butuzova aka Veda who creates fantasy dragons in beautiful colors and details since 2010, in a very similar way as to most of us. It is like any other love. You don't expect it and then BANG and it is here.

With polymer clay it is usually starting by entering the craft shop because you need some brushes or canvases and leaving with the bag full of small colorful cubes and that zombee look in your eyes as the imagination and the creativity have already started to eat your braaaaaaain...

And so the story continues. The cubes can be cured and become hard, yaaay, that's amazing, right? It is not as plasticine, it can be actually preserved in the form we want. Genius. And Veda confirms: “When I sculpted from plasticine as a child, I really wanted to be able to make it as hard as stone and keep my work - in its bright colors, small patterns and details. From that day on, polymer clay captured me,” yeah we know the feeling.

When one falls in love with polymer clay the waves of inspiration start to crash against the shore of your creativity, the fingers are starting to be restless, you are missing what people are saying to you, forgetting to recount the change in the shop… Everything is suddenly an inspiration. For Veda it is animals, birds, insects, sea creatures, corals, plants, spiders, flowers and fruits, algae and invertebrates. Interesting color combinations in things and interiors, natural phenomena, buildings and everything around. Each item inspires you to try something new, capture and convey emotion.

“I love the creation process and hope to share my experience with others!” says Veda and we really admire her dragons made of shimmering clay, added hand painted details and very gentle color transitions which make them look even more off this world.