Blue Johnston is a self employed artist living in the UK however she was born in the Ivory Coast of West Africa. Thanks to that she grew up in an environment rich in culture, colour and of course amazing animals which is where her passion for nature, texture and colour started.

Blue’s biggest inspiration is the natural world, such a fantastic array of different animals, plants, landscapes. “Wherever you look, there is always something amazing to see,” says Blue.

“I have a chronic illness and am in pain most of the time, the focus and concentration required of working on my polymer clay sculptures, really helps me to push the pain to the back of my mind. Sadly I don't get out to see the nature I love so much, so I bring it into my home through my art and creation; it really helps me overcome the barriers that my illness presents to me,” adding Blue.

She works in several mediums such as coloured pencils and paints and now of course polymer clay. Blue is fairly new to the polymer clay world, having discovered this wonderful medium last year. “I just love the tactile nature of the clay, the colours and the versatility that this medium provides. I have learned so much during this last year and am excited to learn more,“ says Blue and we are so glad that polymer clay attracted yet another talented artist.

This Chameleon piece is made entirely out of polymer clay except the glass eyes and the leaves and moss which are made from cold porcelain. Wire armature, foil and clay medium was used to make the chameleon and branch shape. The colours were then added - none of it is painted, all the colours you see are polymer clay. The skin is made from tiny bits of polymer clay which were shaped and stuck on individually by hand. This piece took over 1000 hours to make and had multiple bakes. Incredible!