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What she loves about working with polymer clay is versatility. “My brain loves creating new designs. I crave pushing the boundaries and going the extra mile, and polymer clay allows for all of that,” says Noémie Dubé-Dupuis, a French Canadian living in the United States.

112,000 followers on her Instagram profile is proof of her success, and the videos of her creations that she regularly shares, are definitely worth seeing.

“I started playing with polymer clay in 2020 out of boredom. I was craving a creative outlet. The minute I started, I fell in love,” she says. “This earring business really has brought out my creative side, which, honestly, I never really knew was there,” adds a mother of three children. Both she and her husband are entrepreneurs with multiple businesses, and they love it.

The earrings she creates impress with their elegant appearance. The design of her precisely handmade pieces is clean and complemented by subtle components, such as earring hooks, which beautifully underline and highlight the elegance of these accessories. Their right choice is crucial, as unsuitable earring hooks could spoil the entire design. Noémie also applies resin to finish her pieces, which gives them a beautiful shine and, at the same time, highlights the golden color.

Her color palette is quite diverse, and she varies it based on what she loves at that moment, following her feelings. As she says, she goes with the inspiration of the day. In the case of these pieces of jewelry, she opted for a very appropriate combination of black, white, and gold, which is the most striking element and adds flair and elegance to her pieces. Working with gold is certainly not an easy task. “I’ve been wanting a gold option that will not crack (like gold foil) for a while now. I’ve been down lots of rabbit holes and finally found a good option,” explains Noémie.

When it comes to design, the most important thing for her is how it makes her feel. Noémie loves simplistic designs. She aims to create something that brings joy, and as she mentioned, she’s focusing a lot more on emotions and energy this year and on letting her creativity flow.

She intends to keep up her work, and we’re curious to see what else she’ll come up with. “I’m still exploring all the possibilities, so you’ll see lots more of this style in the future,” adds Noémie, and we definitely look forward to the new lovely pieces she’ll create.