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Based in Baltimore, Amy Sun Ah is a polymer clay jewelry artist passionate about patterns and color, and how they can be used to tell stories and bring meaning to our lives.

Amy's work is characterized by a playful and upbeat style, inspired by her original watercolor paintings and textiles from her travels. We love her artwork and she loves to experiment with different patterns, textures and color combinations.

"I am constantly striving to find balance and harmony through the use of patterns in my work," Amy says. She definitely succeeds, because the jewelry she creates not only looks beautiful but also evokes positive emotions and uplifts the spirits of the people who lay their eyes on it.

When asked what her creative process looks like, the artist mentioned that she starts each design by creating a pattern mood board, laying out colors and creating patterns in her sketchbook. “Next I transfer my curated patterns to polymer clay,” she says. “I then bake the tiles and hand cut and finish each one and assemble them.”

Amy fell in love with polymer clay for its forgiving nature and versatility. “I love to create lots of ideas quickly and polymer allows me to try lots of ideas in a short amount of time,” she says. “I love that it is so lightweight and durable!”

In order to create her jewelry, Amy’s favorite tools include a collection of different clay cutters made by herself, a letter stamp from Japan used to sign her work, and a set of different blades needed to cut her tiles after baking.

The artist mentions that she’s heavily inspired by her father, who is not an artist but an astrophysicist and works with Hubble and the James Webb telescope. “I am infinitely inspired by his work ethics, his commitment to the science community and how he solves problems,” reveals Amy. “I feel that creative problem solving within my own work and who I am as an artist has a lot to do with how my dad raised me to question everything, see things from all angles, and to contribute to the communities I exist within.”