Jean Kaiyou has a lot of experience in technology and working digitally. As she says, creating tangible, structural objects is a new experience for her but yet we are so amazed by her original designs and precise execution of her artwork.

“When I start a piece, I usually know what I want to express, whether it’s a concept, a feeling or a visual. The challenge and joy is in figuring out the how,” explains Jean of her attitude. Her background taught her to be methodical.

“I keep a production journal where I document everything I learn. My graphic design skills have helped, too, and quite a few of my projects began as sketches on my tablet,” adds Jean.

We are happy to introduce to you her latest artwork based on spherical and spiral shapes. Jean’s polymer clay objects that work as a sculpture and some of them as containers as well, present her designing skills in three dimensions with remarkable imagination. Jean also finds the contrast between compressed and expanding energies appealing.

Jean combines matte and shiny surfaces, spacious design supplemented with one color minimalistic bases. She finishes her designs with pleasant colorful details and fine patterns. It makes us wonder where her artwork is going in the future. This is an outstanding start.