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Floral designs have been a popular motif in jewelry for centuries and Réka Langmár-Nagy, a Hungarian artist, has brought a fresh perspective to this timeless trend. In ancient Egypt, for example, flowers were used to symbolize eternal life, while in the Victorian era they were used to communicate secret messages.

Réka draws inspiration from this rich history and incorporates it into her modern designs, resulting in unique and beautiful pieces that are highly sought after.

She has been honing her craft for more than ten years, and despite her background in biology she found herself drawn to the world of jewelry making - particularly the use of floral designs - which she is highly passionate about.

Réka's designs are colorful, elegant and wearable, inspired from the beauty of nature and fields of colorful flowers, romanticism and antique motifs. Each piece is hand-made with polymer clay and can take many hours to create. The items are made with detailed three-dimensional pieces that are put together with a special application technique. Each detail is made without molds and is placed on the background one by one, using a needle. The versatility of polymer clay enables her to create intricate designs that capture the delicate details of each flower, leaf, and stem.

Réka is grateful for the opportunity to do something she loves and brings joy to others through her jewelry. Her dedication to her craft makes her work stand out in the field. Whether you are looking for a timeless piece of jewelry or something more contemporary, Réka's floral designs are sure to impress.


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