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Cos Clay is popular among artists primarily for its unique flexibility after it cures, ensuring durability and resistance to damage, especially during transport. During the past months, we have seen many talented clayers using this type of clay for astonishing sculptures. One of them is Samantha Mullen from Pennsylvania we are happy to introduce to you today.

Samantha is one of the artists who create breathtaking artworks with this material. At first, she found herself in Pyrography which was the beginning of her artistic journey.

For ten years, wood burning was her main avenue of expression until 2021. When her enthusiasm waned, she moved on to sculpting by experimenting with paper clay and acrylic painting for about a year. But it was Cos clay that enabled her to engage her imagination to the fullest and materialize her ideas. “This medium has my brain exploding with possibilities. I am having so much fun making art again,” she says.

Cos Clay enchanted her with its unique properties, especially with how easy it is to create even the finest details with this material, of which the author takes full advantage in her work and which are also an integral part of her pieces of art. “I am also loving the way polymer clay accepts interesting compositions, like mobiles, for instance,” she adds another reason why she fell for this medium.

Now she focuses solely on creating works that are colorful and rooted in promoting joy and wonder. Currently, she creates beautiful sculptures in a fairy-tale style. Playing with textures, surfaces and details, she intertwines living beings with animals, plants, and objects in 3D. Her use of color is also what makes her artworks unique. Even though her chosen color palette does not contain bright cheerful hues, the colors she opts for give a joyful and optimistic impression when combined.

After living in New Mexico for two years, this talented artist is beginning another chapter in life, moving to Madison, Wisconsin. We hope she will find more inspiration for her work there, and we are sure she will enrich the local artistic community with her work.