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Anis Faghiri is a graphic designer. Because she always wanted her illustrations to be tangible, she makes dolls as well.

While the world is dealing with coronavirus, Anis decided to make and sell dolls that show happy days and memories and create beautiful dreams. "Life is short and we have to live happily for moments with those we love and give a smile to those around us. For me, happy moments mean being with the family, seeing the smile in the eyes of my mother, father and sister. Happiness has faded in my land these days and the smile fades from their eyes,” shares her thoughts Anis.

You may be wondering why most of her characters do not have eyes. It is because the eyes show all the moods of joy, sadness or fear. Anis wants their new owners to imagine that they are themselves the dolls and give them their emotions.

Her favorite character she has been making for almost three years is clown Talkhak. Talkhak’s life has been bitter and he is tired of it and of false smiles so he tries to put aside his bad feelings and live happily. Anis believes that dolls breathe, have hearts and are there with us with our joys and sorrows.