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“It's been a long time since I've felt this excited about a new creation! This fella's shoes were still warm from the oven and I was already cramming them on his feet and hustling outside to take photos!”

We can definitely relate to Melissa Terlizzi’s impatience. This handsome stole the hearts of a large audience the instant he was introduced. Including ours!

Isn’t he wonderful as he looks up at us, comfortably seated among fallen leaves? His jumper looks so fashionable. We can’t stop smiling looking at him! Did you notice his blue socks? He has knitted assorted cozy socks to keep his legs warm above his sneakers. He also has a blue, matching scarf. “Gotta keep his neck warm!”, Melissa mentions.

The American artist is well-known for her joyful sculptures made from polymer clay, usually depicting animals. This lovely creature is the first of its kind and was born out of Melissa’s desire to make something new using glass eyes and knitting/sewing miniature clothes. “I used sock yarn from my stash to knit his sweater, socks and scarf,” she says. “I made his trousers out of some leftover ‘faux suede’ I used about 20 years ago on one of my kids’ Halloween costumes. Being a pack rat sometimes pays off!”

The cute creature (troll, old man - his creator can’t decide) was made with beige Super Sculpey and Genesis paints. Melissa states that she usually uses colored Premo for her creations so everything about this project feels new for her. After the completion of this cute fella who managed to put a smile on so many faces she has the feeling that she stretched some different muscles. The sculpture has jointed articulations. At the shoulders and hips the artist inserted wire through the body and made loops at the ends. She did the same with the arms and legs, and connected them to the body with jump rings. “Nothing fancy,” she says, “but necessary in order to get him into his sweater sleeves and trouser legs!”

“It was so fun for me!” Melissa relates about the process of sculpting the protagonist of our story. “I am anxious to make another one now. Perhaps a funny old woman in a dress with a cardigan jumper.” It seems like such a wonderful idea! Now we can’t wait for this little fella’s girlfriend to be created so we can give her a proper welcome!


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