We live in the world of rules and conventions that make our lives somewhat easier. On the other hand, it gets boring after a while and you might long for a place with no rules and boundaries. The Swiss award-winning artist Mardi Malt created such a world for her unusual characters. In her parallel universe everything is possible.

Mardi’s Comical Creatures express feelings and thoughts in a truly powerful way. You can see quite quickly what is going on – is there happiness, suffering or ignorance? You don’t have to ask, just observe. Apart from rather volatile emotions, the appearance of her sculptures often reflects the characters’ story.

If you take a closer look, you may realize that in Mardi’s galaxy each character has their purpose and they might be heroes of their own kind whereas in our world, they would probably become outsiders.

But the alternative world and our physical world are not separate in Mardi’s artwork. She often uses for example pieces of her garment or regular everyday objects and incorporates them into her sculptures. The artist utilizes various media, such as polymer clay, acrylics, felt pens, epoxy clay, wire or fabric, in order to give her characters their specific look. Her sculptural style actually bears a strong resemblance of her excellent illustrations.

You can explore both Mardi’s sculptures and illustrations on her website and other social media. Just take a deep breath and dive into her parallel universe – it is a truly inspiring place. And who knows, you may find your own slightly weird superhero there.