Simon from Germany is one of 11 people standing behind a project ClayClaim. He is a presenter of the projects made of polymer clay creating the characters and scenes from the world of games. You can find ClayClaim channel on YouTube with an unbelievable number of subscribers - 2,94 millions.

It all started when Simon was still a child and his parents didn’t let him watch kids cartoons on TV. He then started modeling and painting all the childhood heroes so he could have his very own versions of them to play with. His parents supported his creativity and provided him with clay, paint and all kinds of materials he needed.

When it comes to inspiration, the ClayClaim Crew is drawing it from their awesome community of fans. They often inspire Simon with their projects and suggestions, other times he just finds games and characters that he likes and then creates them. To make characters takes Simon about 1 - 2 days while map miniatures can take 3 - 6 days. It can be challenging to maintain a steady creative flow while also trying to manage all the different aspects of the ClayClaim Studio, so it varies but always has to be done on Friday.

After so many clay videos, there are, logically, a lot of clay creations. They rarely sell any as it is too hard to say goodbye to them. Therefore Simon decided to bring them to life and started to work on a real stop-motion studio, however it is still very much in its early stages.

So what is behind the success of so many subscribers you might ask? “There are no secrets, I try to be as authentic as I can and use my platform to show that there is still so much soul left in modern games and that handmade stuff still matters in a digital age. I am on YouTube to inspire and get inspired,” says Simon.

We are definitely looking forward to seeing more of ClayClaim videos as they are fun, authentic and very creative.