Valeria Myrusso is an Ukrainian artist living in Prague, Czech Republic. She is a founder of the "Grimoire La poule noire” brand and has been working with the polymer since 2006 using the material as an addition to her mixed media artwork.

Slowly step by step she changed her interest into making jewellery and thanks to polymer clay and a variety of pastes, inks and pigments, she makes imitations of metals, porcelain, enamel, or frosted glass. Valeria also uses natural materials such as coral or mother-of-pearl, precious and semi-precious stones and metals for decoration and inner frames.

As she says she draws inspiration in history and culture, art and philosophy, mythology and folklore, in the world of nature and urban aesthetics. You can find elements of such styles as Renaissance, art Nouveau, art deco, baroque, gothic, and many others in her works. There is always a touch of dark aesthetics and decadent movement, symbolism and mysticism in her jewellery. But her creative search is focused on understanding beauty in the world around us, real and illusory, material or mental, sometimes fanciful, sometimes laconic, sometimes life-asserting and sometimes frightening.

Nevertheless, Valeria works not only in the genre of "historical decoration", but also she creates contemporary art that is interesting and challenging and despite all the cultural borrowings from the art-styles and genres of different eras and ethnic groups, she follows her own style.