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Many women from the world of polymer clay will relate to Julie Timis' journey that began when her youngest daughter was a few months old. She needed a hobby that allowed her to disengage from the everyday chores of being a mom. After trying several polymer clay techniques, and creating the first covered vase with polymer clay, she fell in love.

"I knew this was the right art medium for me," recalls Julie. "After a few years of crafting vases and bottles, I started making journals and other personalized gifts. I believe that there is something special with gifts that are made especially for you."

Julie does not have any art education other than learning from the tutorials of various polymer clay artists who inspired her throughout these years. She's constantly trying to improve her skills and creates artwork full of wonderful details. Besides polymer clay, the artist has a few other favorite materials that she likes to integrate into her creations. "I love adding stones and crystals in my designs," she describes. "I also work with pan pastel, pearl ex powder, and metallic paint and paste."

While creating sketches before actually working with the clay, Julie also plans ahead for the color schemes. “I do the same process for commission work," she reveals. The design sketch has to be approved by her clients before she starts sculpting.

Getting inspiration from nature, she loves creating something whimsical and unique with metallic finishes. The artist enjoys the whole creative process, from picking up a block of clay to shaping it into something special and magical. "I love sculpting, adding colors and other details. All my pieces are handcrafted with love."

For those who are just beginning, Julie's clear advice is to enjoy the process. "Learn from your mistakes and don’t be scared to try new things," she encourages beginners. "Patience and practice! Practice is a must!" Gazing to the future, Julie says that she'll never stop learning.

"I would like to learn more techniques and incorporate them in my journal and box designs," she reveals. Her future plans also involve creating more video tutorials to share inspiration and knowledge with other aspiring artists.