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Helen Violet is a Canadian artist working in hyper realistic sculpture and illustration. From a young age she has been practicing and mastering her skill in realism, with a primary focus in graphite. Although she was always fascinated by sculpture, she thought it was beyond her capabilities.

It was in 2015 when she stumbled upon polymer clay and decided to give it a try. She created a sculpture of her husband’s chocolate labrador for his birthday. He was so overjoyed by it that he encouraged Helen to share it online. This was the start. It wasn’t long before her sculptures were widely recognized online and she started creating sculptures for pet owners worldwide.

Having practiced drawing her whole life, Helen was able to transfer her observational skills to sculptures. It was a fun challenge to create 3D shapes, something she could hold. It took just a little time to fall in love with sculpting, an activity that has brought together her two passions: art and animals.

It took Helen years to refine her skills using polymer clay as a new material for her artwork and she states that she’s still honing those skills. “With each piece I am always experimenting,” she describes, “learning and working to improve my technique.”

Helen’s sculptures are hyper-realistic, life-like representations of our beloved pets. Each piece is created with significant focus, patience and passion. Her goal is not simply to achieve realism, but to capture spirit and emotion in her work, resulting in a unique and meaningful piece to commemorate our loved ones. “I am honored to get to know each pet as I recreate them in pencil or clay,” she mentions. “Whether a pet has passed or is still with their human today, my wish is that my artwork will bring joy, comfort and happy memories.”