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Mihaela Vengher aka Mia is from Galati, Romania, living in Italy. She has been a polymer clay artist since 2017. Because she studied a mathematical-computer subject at technological high school, she has never had the time to go deeper into creating and discovering the world of art even though she made drawings and paintings in her spare time.

She studied the great masters of the past and read books about art but more as a form of relaxation from too difficult subjects at school.

Mia experienced her first success when started making snails - funny characters she designed herself. The very first one was a pickle riding a snail. She has never stopped making them since then, even after she learned how to sculpt different subjects. Mia’s skills grow so fast because she loves polymer clay and each piece makes her want to get to create the next one. She says that there is so much magic inside this amazing medium.

You can find Mia’s pieces she is currently working on in range from tiny cartoon figures to big sculptures on her Instagram and website. She is very good at what she is doing because of the love to create and thanks to polymer clay there are no boundaries to her imagination.