Cynthia Toops


After studying a biology and printmaking Cynthia was introduced to polymer clay in 1986. As a struggling artist, the medium’s low cost of equipment and setup attracted her. Its versatility has kept her immersed for almost thirty years, making beads, micromosaics, rolodex bracelets and other forms of jewelry. For Cynthia’s aesthetics, she prefers quirky over beautiful, worn and repaired over new and glossy, irregular and distorted over perfect symmetry. Cynthia is truly a legend in the polymer clay field and her work is included in articles and books on polymer clay and jewelry, has been presented in many gallery shows and is a part of numerous museum collections in Zurich, Boston or also in New York. For the Royal Polymer Week event, she prepared for you two wonderful full-day classes.

Beads were Cynthia’s first love. She started collecting ethnic beads and making her own with polymer clay in 1986. In her full-day class you will explore a variety of decorated bead techniques including cane work, transformed canes, hollow tubes, simple mosaic work as well as folding and texturing to create sculptural cabochon beads. These beads can be incorporated into necklaces or as stand alone pendants or brooches. All levels of polymer experience are welcome.



Cynthia Toops is widely recognized for her remarkable artistry in polymer clay, most especially for her polymer clay micro mosaics. In this workshop, students will learn her tricks and create incredible micro-mosaics of their own to use like gems in pendants, brooches, and rings in the interesting color palette.

Anna was born in Belarus, in a country with beautiful nature. She has been always dealt with various handcraft activities and she graduated from art school. A few years ago she get in touch with polymer clay and she fell in love with this multifaceted and wonderful material. Anna is inspired by everything around her and in her work you can see very precise style where she focuses on wonderful color palettes, textures and detailes.


Anna Rudaya



During the class with Anna, you will get to know how to create lovely and colorful blooming flowers which can be wear as brooches or pendants. Anna will show you how to create beautiful color transitions and how to mix colors easy on the eye. You will explore possibilities of interesting textures and making of 3D construction of the flowers. In the end, you will learn how to connect all parts of the jewel simply.

Olga Chernyshova


Olga Chernyshova is a professional ceramic artist from Russia. After getting her degree in fine arts, she moved to Asia and now she lives in South Korea. While experimenting with different materials, she has been continuously trying to figure out their relevance to a certain forms. She has been working with polymer clay for several years and creates wonderful jewelry using this extraordinary material.


During this class, Olga will share her experience of making hollow beads. She will demonstrate the principle of uniformity, explain the features of connections and give some points on patterning. Principles of scaling, gradient color transformation and distributing of the pattern are covered as well. As a result, a complete explanation of all the aspects of constructing a lightweight elegant necklace is provided.

Lucy Struncova

Czech Republic

It all started with one dream in her childhood. When she was eleven, she started working with polymer clay and fell in love with this material immediately. During the time she started to share her passion with others, organize clay events, teach own classes and realized, that it's the right time for letting all people know about how beautiful the polymer clay is. 


As part of a full-day workshop with Lucy, you will be creating a piece of jewelry made of several polymer tubes that combine simplicity, purity, and playfulness. You will learn to create unusual and fine polymer clay decorations with different patterns and also to apply them to jewelry. During the workshop, you will be able to create both a design necklace and a brooch.

Valérie Ronvel-Blaya is a French artist with vast experience and culture of handcrafted arts. She likes creating and her experience of different materials, such as wood, paper or even 3D modeling, enhances and feeds her polymer clay creations. She loves to explore endless style and technical possibilities of polymer clay. Valérie's projects, often complex, combining subtlety and precision. She also created and runs the polymer dedicated online shop Polystudio, offering a wide variety of fine products for polymer enthusiasts.


Valérie Ronvel-Blaya


During this workshop, Valérie will teach you how to make this colorful and elegant necklace. You will learn how to create the translucent mineral effect and its personalized patterns, how to use color variations to achieve vibrantly contrasts. Valérie will share her expertise to obtain a beautiful finish of the pebbles and surrounding frame of this poetic scenery. Eventually, you will assemble all the pieces in a refined style set up.