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“In my work, I have tried to convey my love for nature, enthusiasm, and passion for beauty, creating in a style that represents me,” says Denisa Amza, a Romanian artist whose creations are handmade from polymer clay and mostly focus on floral motifs.

Denisa is thirty-four years old and looking back at the start of her artistic journey she says that it all started as a game. Her initial passion for clothes naturally led to the need to accessorize them. After years of customizing her clothes, trying to give them a note of originality, and realizing that she had nothing to match them with, she thought about making her own accessories.

She was in Bucharest, in her second year of college, when she created her first pair of earrings made of air dry clay, modeled and painted by hand: a coffee cup. “I received compliments from my classmates and that gave me confidence,” she recalls. With time, as the clay was quite fragile, she started experimenting with various other materials and that's how she discovered polymer clay.

“I would recommend anyone who is creative, or just wants to relax in their free time, to give polymer clay a shot,” is her advice. “It may work as a real therapy. And for those who recently discovered polymer clay and already started to exercise their abilities, I suggest taking their time and gradually developing their own techniques, to linger on a piece and do it flawlessly, so that they can learn through the process, but also be happy with the result.”

Frequently drawing inspiration from nature, the artist developed, over time, a true weakness for floral patterns, pastel shades, and gradient backgrounds. . “Sometimes an idea comes to me when listening to a particular song, or simply seeing someone's dress on the street,” she says about the things that inspire her. “I also find it a true challenge to design a piece based on the ideas and indications of the client.”

Denisa is fascinated by the effects obtained by combining various modeling techniques, and the artistic freedom offered by the material. “In my work, I avoid using colors in pure shades, preferring instead to obtain my own tones,” she says. “The rest is a lot of passion, diligence, inspiration, and attention to detail.”

Her creations are so delicate and have a romantic allure, we were naturally curious about how a project develops from the first idea to the final artwork. “It all starts with an idea or a theme that concerns me at a certain moment,” she says. “As the project evolves, I add or remove different elements, and I mix ideas, so that the final result may look quite different from what I had in mind in the first place.”

In the past year, with the arrival of her second child, Denisa had to organize her activities according to the priority needs of the baby, putting aside a number of artistic projects very dear to her. “But I look forward to the moment when I can dedicate myself to my number one passion again,” she mentions. “I have so many ideas that I can't wait to put into practice!”