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Today we would like to introduce a special art project to you - Mimicry. It started as a collaboration of two Russian artists - Kirill, a sculptor from Saratov, and Methodius, an artist from St. Petersburg.

From the very beginning, their joint effort focuses on creating statement jewellery that emphasizes the "undeniable beauty of human nature,” as they put it.

Their works are based on the heritage of art in general and samples of jewellery art from different eras such as Art Deco. However, the main storyline of their products is oriental, and - in particular inspired by Japanism. Each work is a small excursion into history, and an occasion to reflect on the beautiful side of a fragile human life. The main material that their team works with is polymer clay inlaid with natural precious and semi-precious stones.

Both artists vow to guaranteethe quality, elegance and exclusivity of each work that comes out of their studio. They perceive themselves as observers, who are on an equal footing with their customers, whose support is also the main resource for development and constant improvement of their work. Take a moment to explore Mimicry’s social media and enjoy the beauty of their pieces.