4th - 7th of October

We lack the words to express a huge thank you to everybody who was part of the second Polymer Week. France, Russia, America, Slovakia, Germany, Poland, England, Italy... tens of countries were represented by teachers or participants at the event in the Czech Republic. From day one almost every clayer could enjoy everything that is so hard to experience via social networks in the comfort of your home. A huge dose of inspiration, new techniques, awesome workshops, creative teachers and offline sharing of the creative atmosphere with old friends as well as new faces. And that‘s what Polymer Week is all about.


It is one thing to publish a magazine, but quite another to organize an event for more than 100 participants, to host teachers and arrange thousands of necessary things to make sure everything goes smoothly and all participants are happy. We would like to thank all teachers, interpreters, assistants and our whole team; the event would not have happened without them.


Going to Europe to attend polymer week in Pilsen for the first time, I was very much excited not only to be teaching but also to be attending classes from artists that I have only appreciated and corresponded with over the Internet. I was a bit apprehensive about any language barriers, but I was immediately relieved to hear how many people spoke English and how well the interpreters for the classes excelled. It was such a delight to meet and talk to many people I have only talked to on the Internet. Lucy and Jiří were incredible hosts. I also found out there’s something about polymer clay people that you instantly feel like a long time friend and family!


Comparatively to events I’ve been to here in the US, Polymer Week was exceedingly a well planned high caliber event. It was held in a large open common space at the university library in Pilsen. With the selection of world-class artist teaching at Polymer Week, it was such a hard decision to decide which classes to take. I easily could’ve spent the second week to attend more classes. I did notice a distinctive difference in the styles and influences of the polymer work of Europeans compared to the US. Another thing that was a very noticeable difference is the number of younger attendees in their 20s and 30s. In the US, artists or hobbyist attendees tend to be an older population comparatively.


I am always amazed by how much there is still to learn after working with polymer clay for 12 years. There is always something new and exciting yet to learn. I was well prepared for all my classes with the necessary tools and supplies that were provided with each artist class list. All of the clay companies really contributed quite generously. The large quantities available of finely crafted items to purchase from the artist instructors, along with the tools and supplies available in the store was a pleasant addition to the event. And so was the snack and dessert counter for in between the provided lunches and dinner time. The entire event was so well-planned in every detail. Multiple classes happening at one time in the large open space never seem to conflict.


When I first arrived in Pilsen, I got to spend the most part of the day before with Jiří. He showed me the Lucy Clay Tools office and Create Space and gave me a quick tour around Pilsen. When discussing Polymer Week, he confidently let me know that Lucy would be solely responsible for running the event. Personally having done much catering and event planning in my lifetime from weddings, business meetings to parties, I could only hope for the best for Lucy. And wow for a 20-year-old young woman she really outperformed expectations. Viewing from the point of an event manager, it was amazing to watch Lucy seamlessly flow between attending the instructors, interpreters, staff and the attendees, dealing with the snack bar, teachers lounge, and the Polymer Week Store. She managed everything including all the background things like hotels and transportation. I can honestly say that one could not be more impressed by the outcome of Polymer Week experience. I fully understand now why Polymer Week Magazine is such a huge and detailed success.