November 17 - 19, 2017




Eva Hašková


Eva Hašková is internationally recognized Czech polymer clay artist and teacher. She loves the colorful and playful polymer clay world with no limits. Her work and tutorials has been featured in magazines and books over the world. She has won IPCA reward and scholarship. She is also an experienced teacher with international experience from biggest Europe events. During the Polymer Weekend she will teach you her brand new project with inspiration and experience.



Céline Charuau


Céline from France has been drawing, painting, sculpting and creating all kinds of things with her hands since she was a child. It was only in 2007, however, when she started to work with polymer clay after having stumbled on it by chance, even she works as a therapist in a rehabilitation centre. And since then, she has not stopped exploring it as for her it's a beautifully imaginative way of working with colour and volume at the same time. During the Polymer Weekend Céline will learn you her own inovative 3D project in design and modern style.





At the age of eleven, Lucy found polymer clay and she has not stopped using it yet. A year later, with the help of her father, she taught her own courses, where they figured out that the market lacked quality, robust and designed tools. They with their partner Martin founded the LC Tools company for the production of tools which are popular with people around the world. Lucy writes an own blog, shoots videos and shares her passion for polymer clay. On the Polymer Weekend she will teach you new projects about design, surfaces and also about constructions of untypical shapes.


Partners and sponsors are an integral part Polymer Week. Without them this event could not be possible.

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